Hello, I'm monoclecat! A cat who wears multiple hats! I love to write and illustrate my own stories, which are usually fantasy genre-specific. I'm currently working on a middle-grade illustrated novel as my thesis for an M.F.A children's literature program. Once finished, I will launch another story, The Tinkering Child of 42, an illustrated webserial!


Tools FAQ

Below are a list of tools and materials I use when working traditionally and digitally. The list will be updated depending on how many times someone asks me the question lol.

Digital Tools

Ipad Pro 12"Procreate 5xMax UlichneySteve Elliott


The Tinkering Child of 42

I was small yesterday.
I am small today.
But will I be small tomorrow?

The Tinkering Child of 42 is a work-in-progress illustrated webserial which revolves around hydrologist Alexis Mikkel Erling during his 15-year period of isolation after making a mysterious error.

While I am still working on my MFA thesis, bits and pieces of information will be organized here. Please see the archive for a collection of story-specific lore.


Cast of Characters

"A talking sword...I must be losing my mind, my best friends are geese afterall."

Alexis Mikkel Erling

Lives alone by choice in an abandoned lighthouse in a small seaside town. Passes time with various hobbies and surrounds himself with feathered friends. He's recently come into possession of a goat.

Age:10?Interests:Water, hydrology, animals, food preservation, fromagers.


A talking sword Alexis found within the walls of his home. He's unsure if its ability to speak is either a product of longing for companionship or true magic.


"I've heard many years..."

"Sir, why don't you come home? Your work is brilliant!"


A traveler who is desperately searching for the mentor from his childhood.

Age:18Interests:His family, hydrology, agronmy.

Pavel Afanesyeva

Plant-obsessed and slightly peculiar, Pavel is a botanist who owns a small, local apothecary. Loans books to those who are interested. Will ramble on for hours if shown the slightest interest in anything leafy.

Age:28Interests:Plants, plants, plants.

"A book? There is a boy who comes here often to borrow some."

"Mister, please, where does he live? The boy who borrows books?"

Vasily Amron Nikolaevich

A wind mage who ran away from home on a journey for unknown reasons. Loves to cause mischief but tends to cling to others.

Age:12Interests:Singing, playing, breaded sweets and jam.

Jóhann Brommer

A necromancer's assistant. Knowledgeable and astute, Jóhann is interested in learning about all things obscure. Currently he aids Mikhail in collecting ingredients for Creation, a grotesque amalgamation of body parts.

Age:13Interests:Anything he deems unusual.

"Professor, did you forget to eat again?"

"Your eyes... give them to me. I'll put them to much better use."

Mikhail F. Seres

A bizarre necromancer who travels with his assistant Jóhann in a constant search of ingredients which must fulfill his ambiguous requirements.

Age:29Interests:Corpses, anatomy, necromancy.



These story-specific bits are from my TikTok account. I usually post OC things there for fun! It's kinda like my digital notebook for my OCs. Click any link to see the video.




These scenes may or may not be canon ;) Some have stories, some memes.


Videos with extra info about my OCs.

Future Characters

These are characters who appear in the future timeline of my world.